How To Wrap Text On Google Docs Through 6 Easy Steps

Admin | 2020-01-20 09:19:05

Google Docs is a text-rich application in which you can add, edit, remove, and store online your documents. Beside it, you can spruce up your desire documents with eye-catching pictures. Because a picture stick into the document interrupts the visual flow that bothers the readers. To avoid this frustration, Google Docs text feature provides an easy solution. Because it doesn’t interrupt the visual flow and give the page a unified look.  

How to wrap text on google docs
How to wrap text on Google Docs

Step 1: Click On Insert Option 

Now click where you want the presence of the picture. Click the Insert option from the menu at the top of the screen and choose your picture source. Tap the photo, and the image will automatically upload at your desired place.

How to wrap text on Google Docs
Click On Insert Option 

Step 2: Again Click The Image 

Now again, click the image, and there you will see an option under it. In androids, when you click the picture, there arises the menu above the picture with three dots. Once you click dots, you see two options that are Replace the image or Image Option. The next step is to choose the image option, and then you will see three options below the picture that are In line, Wrap text, and Break text.

How to wrap text on Google Docs
Click The Image 

Step 3: Resize the image

Now you can resize the picture by clicking and dragging the image from the blue square corners and sides of the picture.  Add a border to the image of any color. Moreover, you can choose the border thickness as well.

Step 4: Click Wrap Text

Now, from the options, click the wrap text option. The text automatically wrapped around the image from the four edges of the document. The inline option treats the image as a part of the text. On the other hand, Break Text includes the option to break the text above and below the picture in lines form. In the meanwhile, the distance of the image from the text changed slightly by adding an option to set the difference between the text and the picture. Here it’s a ⅛ margin. 

Step 5: Image Distance 

How to wrap text on Google Docs
Image Distance

Now you can check that there is ⅛ margin or distance between the text and image. This margin is pretty good, but it is changeable if you want to alter. Simply click the image and choose the margin you wish.

In Androids, you click the image and after clicking the dots, select the image option and click the wrap text. When you click the wrap text, there appear margin option below the wrap text. You can choose your desired margin. 

Step 6: Ready To Move 

Now, the image is ready to move throughout the document. You just click and drag it wherever you want, as it moves the text around and is automatically wrapped with the maintaining margin you have set for the image.

Final Verdict

To wrap the discussion, you get an idea about text wrapping in Google Docs. Although setting the image position seems frustrating, but through these 6 steps, you can easily insert, edit, and wrap text around the image. If you like this article, share it with your near and dear tech lovers.